Policies & Procedures


Clients are asked to text 24 hours in advance of the scheduled training session. Clients will be charged for appointments cancelled with fewer than 24 hours notice*. Failure to text me at either 404.590.2094 or 478.319.9158 (Monday-Sunday) will result in a session and deposit loss.

When you provide 24 hour notice of a need to reschedule, I will do everything in my power to provide a time that fits with your schedule. However, as I continue to take on clients, most make-up sessions will have to take place on Saturday or Sunday mornings, as my weekday availability is growing less flexible.


I follow the ten-minute rule.If you are ten minutes late for your session**, the session is considered cancelled without 24 hours notice, and there will be no refund of your pay-ahead fees/deposit.


* I do understand that sometimes you’re going to wake up sick and won’t be able to give me 24 hours notice. I understand that this will happen on occasion. Just as you understand that there will be occasions where I wake up ill and to be considerate to my clients and other gym patrons, I will use my best judgment and choose not to bring potential illness to the gym. In these instances, or in the instance of a family emergency, car trouble, etc., know that I will work with you on a case by case basis.

**As with the cancellation policy, I understand that there will be the odd occasion where traffic or life gets in the way and causes you to run late. In those instance, please text me as soon as you can to let me know your ETA. Sessions will be shortened to accommodate you on these rare occasions.