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I’ve had coaching in my blood my whole life. I’m a big sister, so it comes naturally.

My earliest coaching endeavor, however, led me to tears. You see, I was in the first grade and I hadn’t yet sussed out that you DO NOT coach those who didn’t ask to be coached. I thought I was helping my classmates complete their language arts work so that they could have free play time. They thought I was a know-it-all.

Lesson learned, and while I’m still quick to offer advice, I know better than to attempt to offer unsolicited advice.

Right out of high school I was recruited to coach my high school’s JV soccer team. I looked about the same age as my players. It was certainly a learning experience and it taught me a lot about relating with my team. Experience I’ve held onto and I now use when building a rapport with my training clients.

I continue to coach and play soccer through my mid-twenties, then moved to beginner mountain biking coaching in my thirties. My love of the gym, you can definitely classify me as a gym rat, continued as I reached forty and then forty-five. And I decided it was time to tackle a new coaching career. So I settled in to study and I earned my personal trainer certification.

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