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Upper Body Blast

This is a circuit workout. Do 3-5 circuits, depending on how long you want to work out. 12-15 reps each exercise, each circuit! 15 reps (each arm) on those that alternate! Keep your elbows as tight to your sides as you can while squeezing your bicep. As you lean forward for the flyes, remember good […]

Five By Fifty Workout

Warm up with 30 seconds of arm circles, thirty seconds of high knees, and thirty seconds of calf raise (repeat three times) Workout: 50 reps of each exercise (must finish the fifty reps before moving on to the next exercise). Take your time with these. The goal is to get a stretch AND a squat […]

Resolutions Get A Bad Rap!

It’s the time of year, a new year is dawning, when many of us decide to make resolutions. However, if you spend any time AT ALL on the Internet (and, I mean, who doesn’t?!?!), you’ll likely see numerous posts and discussions detailing why certain individuals REFUSE to make resolutions. In fact, some of my clients […]