Upper Body Blast

This is a circuit workout. Do 3-5 circuits, depending on how long you want to work out. 12-15 reps each exercise, each circuit!

15 reps (each arm) on those that alternate!

Keep your elbows as tight to your sides as you can while squeezing your bicep.

As you lean forward for the flyes, remember good form. Hinge at your hips as if you’re doing a deadlift, don’t bend at the waist.

Don’t worry if you don’t have kettlebells, you can flip your dumbbells up to get the same effect.

While this looks like an arm exercise, it’s also for your core. This one’s hard to get right, so don’t worry if you don’t get it right away. The goal is to engage your core muscles and use the motion of your core to move the weights, not your amrs.

And you know I’m not going to forget those triceps. Make sure just the lower arm is moving. The elbows stay in position so your triceps do the work!

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