Five Songs Friday: A Weekly Playlist

Five Songs Friday

Welcome. This is the first of a new weekly series called Five Songs Friday, which I’ll be sharing with you each week.

Music has always been on of my FAVORITE things. My uncle taught me to appreciate and seek out new music when I was pretty young. I still do it today. I follow music blogs and I’m always on the lookout for new listens. This doesn’t mean I don’t have old favorites. I absolutely do. But I also regularly stumble across new favorites. You might call them my current jams.

With the Five Songs Friday posts I’ll be sharing some of my favorite tunes as small Spotify playlists. The goal being to help drive your workouts and fitness, health, and wellness pursuits. Some playlists will be designed for heavy lifting days, some for food prep, some for lower-intensity, steady state cardio.

With that all said, here you go! I hope you’ll enjoy this first installment of Five Songs Friday. Please let me know if you dig any of the songs especially, as I can then seek out similar tunes for your future fitness listening pleasure!


This is a mixture of some old and new favorites!

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